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Accident investigation by the attorney can uncover the cause of injuries and obtain justice


Often, the procedures that must be followed after an accident are not entirely obvious. Is harm too small to warrant the involvement of an attorney? Contact Ryan to find out what you are entitled to; you may be shocked at how much you are entitled. Ryan Orsatti Law does not earn a penny unless your matter is successfully resolved! In the form of case consultation, the personal injury lawyer san Antonio is available to assist you. The experience of Ryan Orsatti has taught him that there are future requirements that must be addressed in the present.

No compensation unless your case is satisfactorily settled

Ryan is familiar with the complicated and complex system that has been put in place to delay and reject claims.  The personal injury lawyer has the qualifications and expertise necessary to handle your case with care and attention on your behalf. You may put your faith to fight for yourself. Instead of concentrating on the claim itself, you should focus on recovery. Allow your attorney to handle all communication with your insurance company and other parties involved in your injury case, rather than doing it yourself. With a wealth of expertise in communication and negotiation, Ryan strives to get the best possible result for every client with whom he works.

Ryan is a caring and proactive attorney and legal expert committed to defending your rights and doing all in power to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to receive. Specifically, he specializes in personal injury lawyer services for people in the San Antonio, Texas region who have experienced a personal injury, such as you.

When seeking legal counsel, it is critical to locate someone who has extensive expertise in the area of law that is most relevant to your claim. For decades, the lawyer has concentrated the practice exclusively and substantially on personal injury litigation in San Antonio, with remarkable success. In hundreds of individual injury cases, with successful resolution via negotiation or lawsuit, and collected millions of dollars on their behalf. The lawyer is so confident in winning complicated cases that there is no charge or any costs unless and until a win in the case.

What Kind of Cases Can Your Personal Injury Attorney Handle?

Ryan Orsatti Law is a personal injury law firm that serves clients in San Antonio and across Texas. The kinds of accident claims that we deal with are as follows:

  • Automobile, truck, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, SUV, and roll-over accidents
  • Accidents Caused by Drunk or Drunken Driving
  • Failure of a Defective Vehicle Tire
  • Construction of a Pedestrian Bridge


Ryan's vast expertise and experience are what distinguish him from the competition. Contact to learn more about how he can assist you in taking on the insurance companies. Don't attempt to deal with the cases on your own. Mr. Ryan has the essential expertise and understanding to assist you in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to for your medical expenses, as well as your agony and suffering. He is concerned about you from the time of the accident until your case is resolved.