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Is An Attorney And A Solicitor The Same Thing?

In the legal world, we come across different types of professionals and the terms used to refer to them. As an instance, you may have heard the terms lawyer, attorney, barrister, and solicitor, and so on. All these professionals have some specific job roles to perform as far as legal matters are concerned. It is but obvious for a common person to get perplexed about the different types of job roles and the powers being possessed by such professionals. There are general solicitors as well as the power of attorney solicitors London that are hired by people in order to resolve various types of legal matters. Due to their extensive knowledge and understanding of the complications associated with legal matters, these professionals suggest the best ever solutions to their clients and help them overcome the given problems effortlessly. Let us now try to understand if an attorney and a solicitor is the same thing in the world of laws, rules, and regulations.

Possession of the powers

Like all other professions, the professionals in the world of law also have certain powers. Generally, a solicitor can be defined as a legal practitioner that deals with legal matters in some jurisdiction. Such a professional has qualifications as defined by the local legal laws. These qualifications may vary from place to place and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In simple words, a solicitor may fight a legal case for his/her clients in court. On the other hand, the power of attorney solicitors London or other attorneys have the power to take decisions on behalf of their clients. They may independently take decisions as per their understanding of the given legal issue, matter, or case.

Manner of working

Of course, solicitors and attorneys both work in the legal world. They work on legal matters and cases for their clients. Solicitors generally conduct litigation however they are unable to do so in an open court. An attorney represents his/her client in court. It means an attorney may appear in the court instead of his/her client. In other words, an attorney is someone that has been appointed to act on the part of some other person.

Job roles as per different locations

The job roles of the solicitors as well as attorneys may vary a lot depending on the location where they are actually practicing the given profession. In certain jurisdictions, attorneys and solicitors may have some common job roles and powers while in some other jurisdictions these may differ and vary considerably.

After reading all this, it is quite clear that an attorney is somewhat different from a solicitor. However, they do have some duties and responsibilities in common too. It all depends upon the country of their operations and the specific legal cases they are dealing in.