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Evolution of Drug Law in Germany

Drug Laws around the World: The Evolution of Drug Law in Germany

The drug laws in Germany are very serious and the German government will not tolerate drug abuse. The German Federal Narcotic Act is including prescription narcotics as part of their drug crimes. If a person is in possession of drugs they can get a 5-year prison sentence. There are different penalties for those that are found to continue a small number of drugs for their personal use. If a person is found to have 5 grams or less,they are often offered treatment as opposed to punishment. In some cases, the offender will be punished after they have completed treatment. This is something that has been used in the past couple of years and it is sending a clear message to the people.


If a person is found to have a large number of drugs or if they are a member of a gang or if violence was involved in the criminal act they may be punished with 5 to 15 years. If a person is supplying others with drugs, cultivating certain substances such as marijuana, or manufacturing drugs they can get a sentence of 5 years in prison. Consult with a professional drug attorney (drogenanwalt) in Germany.

New Drug Laws

In recent years the German government needed to look at some of the new substances to hit the market and the amount of harm that they were able to cause. In 2016 there was a new law passed that involved psychoactive substances that are amphetamine-like stimulants. In this new category, synthetic cannabinoids were including in addition to cathiones. These are some of the newer drugs and they are harmful. If a person is caught with these substances they can receive up to 3 years in prison. They can get as many as 10 years in prison if there are certain circumstances where there was violence. Violence is not tolerated by this government especially when it comes to substance abuse. This is one of the only countries left in Europe where a person that is a first time offender or has drugs for personal use has the potential of going to jail for several years.

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Drug Law Offences

There has been a slight increase in drug offenses in Germany. Most of the offenses are related to cannabis followed by amphetamines. The German police have been diligent when it comes to enforcing the drug laws and keeping drugs out of the country. They are working to improve strategies to fight back against drugs. Treatment is a new option but an offender can still be punished after treatment has been completed. This will depend on the nature of the crime and if violence was involved.

The drug laws in Germany have evolved to help keep up with the changing times. Gang membership carries an additional sentence. There are additional drug categories for synthetic drugs that can still land a person for several years in jail. The government is looking to help those that have been detained for personal use get treatment while keep the violence drug offenders in jail with a stiffer sentence.