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Social Security disability attorney


If you are disabled and not able to work, then you are eligible to avail the benefits under two different governmental programs. Once you qualify, you receive monthly financial support. While appealing to the insurance company, you should provide them with all supporting records, opinions, and reports associated with your claim. If you don’t provide the necessary documents, then your case would be declined, and the judge will not be able to consider it. The process of claiming the benefit can be quite frustrating and challenging. This is where; a professional attorney can help you deal with the stress so that you can shift your focus on improving your health.

Role of a Social Security disability attorney

The application process of the social security disability can be an overwhelming task especially when you are not well. If in such a situation you hire a disability lawyer in Los Angeles who specializes in this field, then it can prove to be extremely helpful. These attorneys have a good experience in dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and thus can smoothly handle your application process and overcome all the hurdles that would come across. The social security disability attorney acts as a mediator between you and the SSA body. The application process for this body is very complicated and the language used is also beyond the understanding of common people. But for an experienced disability attorney, this is not a challenge, they can easily handle this process. Apart from acting as a middleman he or she will also take part in the following:

Disability Lawyer

Review the medical records and talk over the nature of your disability

Discuss several factors that may hinder their ability to work

Evaluate your education and previous service experiences

Analyse how pain and prescription medications influence your ability to work

Examine the number of attempts you made to work and were unsuccessful as a result of your disability

Get in touch with the medical experts as and when required to support your case

Where to find a Disability Lawyer

You can find a social security disability attorney from various sources like the Internet, Yellow Pages, legal aid clinics, and different referral services that operate in each state. Once you get a reliable source to appoint a qualified disability attorney, you should verify the credibility of the person and his or her level of experience. Never trust anyone blindly. Some of the agencies don’t give any guarantee of the services provided by their lawyers, so you should avoid such agencies.

Why hire a disability lawyer from a reputed firm

There are several reasons in support of why you should hire a disability lawyer in Los Angeles from a reputed firm. Firstly, these firms provide you the best of the services in handling your case effectively. Once you get in touch with any of the reputed firms, they will help you in fixing an appointment with their esteemed lawyers who can efficiently handle your case. You can also visit their website and schedule a free consultation with any of their experienced social security disability attorney.