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divorce lawyer Houston

How To Get A Divorce For Free

Divorce is expensive and getting a free divorce is difficult. Each state has different laws governing divorce. Divorce procedures will speed up if both parties agree to the divorce terms. A free divorce is difficult but possible.

  • Waiver for indigents

There is a procedure for an indigent divorce or fee waiver. It will allow you to file for divorce with waived court fees. This is to help people who want to end their marriage but have limited finances.

  • Divorce forms

You can find your local divorce or family court online. You can download and print forms from their website. There are two forms you need. The form for filing a divorce and the form for a fee waiver. You can also go to the courthouse and ask for forms there. Fill in all the information requested.

  • Financial proof

You need to prove that you are indigent or have no means to finance a divorce procedure. You have to submit your proof of income, assets, and even debts. The court may also ask for your tax returns. The forms will tell you what documents the court needs. If you are unsure of what documents to submit, divorce lawyer Houston can help you.

divorce lawyer Houston

  • File for a fee waiver

File the papers once done with all the paperwork. Make sure that you have notarized documents. You can get it notarized at the bank. You can also ask the clerk to notarize the form when you file them.

  • The procedure

A court employee or judge will review your case. A hearing may be necessary. The court may approve your fee waiver or it might decide to defer your fee. This means you can pay for it later. This is common when you expect payment from your ex-spouse. This can be due to the divorce judgment or settlement. Your case will proceed once there is approval of the waiver. The simplest way is to file a settlement. You can also appear in court and tell the judge together what your settlement is. An uncontested procedure where your ex-spouse does not need to appear is also an option. It will be over in no time without paying any fees.

  • Legal aid

Not all people are capable of handling a divorce on their own. Filing all the paperwork can be burdensome for most. There is usually a legal aid society in your area to help you. A volunteer lawyers program may also be available through your local bar association. You can check online to find one of those. These organizations provide no-cost or low-cost legal aid. If you can prove you are indigent then they may represent you at no cost. They will file all fee waiver papers on your behalf.

You do not have to have any money to get a divorce. But there are procedures you must follow. This is difficult for some and considers it troublesome. But is a huge relief when you need to get out of your marriage but have no funds.