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How to Recognize the Best PI Attorneys Near Me?

PI stands for Personal Injury. A personal injury is a term made to recognize the situation in which people suffer a physical or mental injury as a result of the actions made by someone else.

In the law, a person suffering from this means that they suffered in a collision of some kind with another person or more. If you happen to be involved in something like this, you need to find the best PI attorney in your area. Learn more about what these people do here.

Not having one will mean you’ll most certainly lose the case and you’ll get nothing for your injuries and troubles. A good lawyer will not just manage to get a great deal for you and get great compensation for your troubles, but they’ll handle the entire case while you rest and strive for a faster and better recovery.

When you find yourself in something like this, it’s best to have a lawyer on speed dial. It’s also best for this person to be located nearby and come to the scene right away. As soon as they arrive, the better case they’ll be able to make. A strong case is easier to win, and that means better compensation will also be made.

Because of these points above, a lot of people decide to make deals with attorneys before anything happens. This also gives them time to make the best choice. If you’re thinking about the same, keep reading to find out what are the issues you need to mind before making your final choice!

Find who the closest on the map is

There’s no issue that will be the most important for making this decision. You need to consider everything equally.

First, you should open the internet and find everyone on the map that’s located near you. Those who are far away should be taken off the list of possibilities, because, as we said, you need a person who will be nearby when something happens.

Make a list of around 10 attorneys that are the closest. After reviewing the other points, this might be a tie-breaker. If everything else is the same, the location will be the final argument. Whoever is closer will win.


Call everyone separately. Ask them a couple of questions. The first one should be – are they licensed?

There are lots of different attorney offices and lots of directions in the business of law. Not all of them are eligible to handle your problem. The PI issue is a special one and it takes a special kind of lawyer to deal with this. See about what kinds of attorneys are there:

Ask them if they have a license to be PI lawyers. If they do, ask them if they have many others in their offices and what is their main orientation. If they see personal injury only as one of their many fields of interest, but they are specialized in something else, it will be best if you keep on looking and mark them off the list. You only highly serious attorneys.

Track record

The track record is probably the easiest way to find out which lawyer do their job great and which one isn’t. On the internet, you can find many pages in which these track records are being kept and are shown publically.

If you’re interested in some, do a little research and find out how they did in the past. The track record is basically how a certain attorney works. It is a win-lose table in which you can see how many of the cases from the beginning of their career have been won, and how many they have lost. Just like pro wrestlers and boxers have a score publically known and highlighted throughout their career.

If they happen to have an excellent track record, it means they are doing a great job. If they have won many cases before they take yours, it means that they are most probably going to win yours too. If there’s no court battle, then you can be sure that they will be doing a great job and manage to get the best compensation possible.

Review score

The review score is going to help you find out everything about the person you’re interested in without even meeting them in person. Lots of webpages offer a list of attorneys in a certain field and they are all ranked depending on how their previous clients reviewed them.

The review score is usually from 1 to 5 where the 5 is the highest score. If the clients are satisfied, the lawyers will get a score of 5 stars. If they were completely unsatisfied, they’ll get 1.

Giving reviews helps the community find the best person for them and at the same time, award the lawyers who work best. When you open a certain website where these reviews are available, you’ll see that one of them is always ranked the highest than the rest.

At the same time, the highest-ranking lawyers will most certainly charge the most because they hold on to their reputation as being the best. People know that choosing them means they can’t go wrong, but being certain always comes with a price.

If you’re on a budget, it will be best if you take a look at the others below, and find one that is not ranking as high but is still a good match. Attorneys, like all people, are made of flesh and bones and have their pros and cons.


As we said at the beginning, you shouldn’t make a final decision before you compare all details. Make sure you find the optimal solution. Don’t choose the first one when you google personal injury lawyer near me. Instead, do a more thorough research.

Make sure your final choice is located close, is licensed in the special field, has a great track record, and an excellent review score. When you find a combination of all these issues in which a person is best, then you can make your choice.