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What is the process of US immigration?

US immigration is considered to be the most hectic process when compared to other country immigration. Their immigration officials are strict in the process starting for form to interview. If they find any minor mistake, it will lead to rejection of your petition or form. Overall of immigration includes

  • Submitting petition
  • Approval of petition
  • Submitting immigration form
  • If approved, schedule for interview

This will be the usual immigration process followed by US. Most of the foreign citizens who wants to live permanently in the US country should have an immigration visa at first. This is a step to get the approval of obtaining for visa application in further. Immigrating into United States is not an easy process. It is more complex process than getting immigration to any other country. Also this process has many confusing steps as how it works. According to US immigration act and the governing policy, it provides over a worldwide limit of 67500 permanent immigrants with some sort of exceptions. Thus lawful permanent residency or green card holder is allowed to work and live in the US permanently. They can work with any kind of job like US citizens. Even though they are unemployed, they can stay in the state without restriction. All these advantages can be acceptable only with the certain kind of strict procedures. Also US immigration is processed based on the certain kind of principles. They are

  • Reunification of families
  • Admitting immigrant with skills who are valuable to US economy
  • Refugee protection
  • Diversity promotion

Based on all these fact sheet principle, an individual immigration process is handled. Apart from the principles of US immigration, who all can apply? For this you have to go through a detailed list of immigration qualification. Here let us see few points about who all can check in for the immigration application.

  • Immigration based on family
    • Spouse
    • Parent of US citizen
    • Son or daughter of US citizen
    • Brother or sister of US citizen
    • Unmarried son or daughter of naturalized citizen
  • Immigration based on employment

If the country has profit by having that employee in the country, then their immigration process will earn extra benefit.

  • Country based ceiling

Based on the country, there is a limit in getting people from same country.

  • Refugees and Asylees

For people who have inability to return into their home country due to any social war of transition.

  • Diversity Visa

This is a preference given to people who comes to US from rare country. Like few people preferring US citizen from their own country.

All these people can apply for the immigration and they have the opportunity to get admitted. They are allowed to stay in the country after the approval of immigration form. You can get the immigration after a detailed study from