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What to keep in mind when hiring a criminal lawyer?

If you have been prosecuted for any crime, including assault, theft, or any other similar case; You will need a criminal lawyer. He can free you from the gravity of the law, reduce sentences, and years of imprisonment. Besides, it also offers advice on the preparation of legal documents and helps to carry out other procedures without problems. However, in recent years, forensic lawyers have developed rapidly, and it isn't straightforward to find a good and reliable lawyer. Not to mention that if you choose the wrong lawyer, you will end up losing.

Here you will find a selection of tips to help you quickly select the right lawyer.


This is the first and most important thing to consider before hiring a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can shorten prison sentences even if he is involved in a felony.

Do not forget to look for many years of experience as a lawyer, also verify your specialization. The number of years of your experience is a reliable indicator to determine whether or not to choose it.

Get references

Don't hire a blind lawyer because your ad appealed to you. Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors about the lawyer they hired before. This will help you choose the right lawyer. You can also find out their previous experience with the lawyers they hired.

Yellow pages and popular search engines also help you quickly find a well-known lawyer, however, before hiring a lawyer, be ultimately interested in them, so you don't get the wrong lawyer. Make online reviews that give you an overview.

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Discount prices

Before hiring a criminal lawyer singapore, get the full price. Prices generally vary from one lawyer to another, depending on the complexity of the case. A quote will help you know the overall costs of the case.

The presence of a lawyer

Your lawyer must be available 24 hours a day, including holidays. For example, if your loved ones are arrested after hours, then it should be possible. The delay in receiving advice from a lawyer can increase the delay in the preparation of legal documents and other things that must be presented in court.

What to ask your lawyer

Listed below are some essential questions to ask your criminal lawyer in Singapore. The answer to these questions will give you an idea of ​​the rates they charge.

1) What is your hourly rate? Do I have to pay in advance? If so, what amount should you pay, and what will happen when the same thing runs out?

2) If a lawyer charges a flat rate, what is the fee? What is included in this, and what is not? Is it returnable?

3) What other expenses should you pay?

4) Do you offer payment plans?