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Car Accident Attorney

What You Always Have To Do After Car Accidents

Every single year, there are virtually thousands of people that need to deal with the outcomes of car accidents. Collisions can involve injuries or major property damage, although most are simply minor fender-benders. Regardless of the exact situation, in the event that someone else caused the accident that injured you or led to property damage, you are entitled to make a claim so you receive damages. The insurance company is required by law to offer compensation if the right policies are in place.

Obviously, there are differences between car accidents. However, the goal is always to receive the highest possible compensation, one that covers absolutely every single repercussion of the collision. With this in mind, car accident lawyers in Philadelphia highlight the following important things about injury insurance claims.

Philadelphia accident attorneys

While At The Scene

You need to check on the well-being and safety of everyone involved in the accident. Whenever someone looks injured, you have to call the paramedics. In many cases though, injuries appear even when accidents are minor. This is why it is a very good idea to get medical attention even if nothing seems to be wrong. At the same time, you might need medical documents as proof in the future.

Contact the authorities so an officer comes to the scene. This prompts the creation of a car accident report, which will be very important in determining fault and many other things.

Whenever possible, take photographs with your smartphone. Make sure to photograph vehicles, traffic signals, debris, skid marks, injuries, and anything else that might look like evidence. Also, get the address, name, vehicle license number, and driver license number for all parties involved.

Seek Medical Care

Your health comes first so make sure you get medical treatment for the injuries you suffer. Do it as soon as you can. If you do not go to the emergency room, talk to your physician and tell them you were involved in the accident. Then, follow through if there is prescribed treatment.

The claim’s success and how much money you receive will always depend on the medical records you can gather. Documentation is simply mandatory.

Expenses And Legal Fees

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Following the car accident, besides making sure your injuries are properly treated, you need to get in touch with your insurer. The report will be very valuable and your claim will be given a number that will be related to everything you do in the future. Also, records will be created that will become valuable to obtain settlement.

Besides your insurer, you also need to report what happened to the insurance company of the other driver involved. This is when you need to be particularly careful because the company will represent the party at fault. As a result, your interests will not be considered as a priority.

Do not offer recorded statements and do not talk to the other party’s insurance company without a car accident attorney by your side. This would be a huge mistake that could easily lead to you losing the financial compensation you are entitled to.