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Hiring A Disability Appeal Attorney Is Important Before Filing A Claim

Disability can be a scary occurrence in any body's life. Whether it is a permanent or temporary issue, it does affect your life at a deep level. Already it is psychological and physical stress but added on top it, it can affect your ability to earn your livelihood for an extended period of time. Fortunately, you can appeal for a disability claim to help you deal with this intense period. However, if you have not hired a representation right at the beginning of your journey to file a disability claim. You might be making a big mistake which can ultimately delay your claims process by many months. Rather hire a disability appeal lawyer Michigan right at the point where you have made up your end to file a claim process and here are the few reasons that will highlight why you should take this step at the earliest.

Getting your statement straight from the very beginning

Lawyers know that every word you speak during the case of a claim can be used for or against your outcome. Clients, however, are not aware of the murky waters of legal proceedings and often in a very well-meaning way they sabotage their own chances of winning an appeal. Your attorney can help you avoid making mistakes such as claiming that you will be back at work shortly to disintegrate your claims case from the very beginning in front of The LTD providers.

ERISA and all that it protects

ERISA and all that it protects

Lawyers have a clear understanding of the grittiest of the laws that directly affect your disability claim. ERISA or the employee retirement income security act has many precedents and bylaws that might be applicable on a case to case basis. While you as a claimant might not be aware of these, your attorney can use the information to strengthen your case further.

Bringing records and evidence to date

You can take a free of charge consultation with your disability attorney to allow your case to be properly vetted right off the bat by a trained professional. AT this point if your attorney agrees to take on the case, he will also help you assimilate all of the medical records, employee records, and evidence that will give your claim a better chance of passing through at the very first appeal.

Hiring on the basis of contingency protects you

Finally, your attorney will be hired on the basis of contingency. This protects your interests because you will only be paying one -third of the fees as an advance. The final payment is done only after you have won the case. Social security claims, in particular, are already set at a lower contingency so, hiring a professional can actually be a cheaper option for you than adding up to more expenses while the claims case goes on for too long.

In case of a weak case, if you do not win your claims case with the initial appeal, you will have to file a legal case in a higher court of appeal. Having professional backing you can make the transition to the more convoluted proceedings much easier right from the very beginning.