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Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Court Martial Lawyer

Unlike a civilian case, military cases are very complicated to handle. Military justice in the USA includes some serious sentences that you can only escape if you hire the right court-martial lawyer to defend you in the martial courts. If you work in the forces, the government will provide you a free JAG attorney to help you in court.

However, a court-martial case involves a lot of complications that require in-depth analysis and presentation of facts in court. You should hire a private court-martial lawyer to represent you in the martial courts and improve your chances of winning your court battle.

Stay with me to find out some other reasons why you should consider hiring a qualified Tacoma court martial lawyer.

Cheap is expensive

When it comes to handling your court-martial cases, you deserve an expert and experienced court-martial lawyer who will always stand by your side. It’s ill advised to trust public defenders or government officers to help you win your case.

The government will investigate, file, and present evidence against you in martial court. While your inexperienced attorney will still be finding out how to rescue you from the trap, you’d have lost everything. You will lose your career, future, and freedom when the judge sentences you to prison. An experienced court-martial lawyer will give you a better shot at winning your case and avoiding all this drama.

Saves you time

Going through court battles is time-consuming. You have a family to look after and a life outside the court. Handling your court cases on your own will deprive you of the time and freedom you need. Hiring a qualified court-martial lawyer saves you a lot of time.

Note that the military will always assign you a JAG lawyer if they believe they are in the best position to win the case. You should reach out to an experienced court-martial lawyer as soon as you learn of the military investigating your case. This way, you can give your defense lawyer adequate time to file your claim and represent you well in the martial court.

Avoid one-sided fight

It is vital to hire a court-martial attorney to stand by your side in court. The government will assign you a JAG attorney when it’s already late, and your chances of winning the cases are almost zero. They have all the required resources such as NCIS, OCI, FBI, and CID that can investigate your case and prove beyond doubt that you should go behind bars.

You can avoid the one-sided fight against you by hiring an independent court-martial attorney to handle your case and fight for your rights in the martial court.

Keep everything in check

A guilty verdict on a military case comes with consequences such as losing your VA benefits, military job, and rank. If the judge sentences you to military prison, you will lack the freedom to live normally.

 Life after military imprisonment can be difficult. If you have a qualified court-martial lawyer by your side, he or she can help reduce your charges and ensure you have a better civilian life once you are free from prison.


Seeking help from a licensed and learned counsel is critical when faced with a military case. Do not wait for the government to assign you free JAG attorneys if you are serious about your case. Note that military cases have a lot of consequences compared to civilian cases, and you need an experienced and aggressive court martial lawyer to represent you in court.