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When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Hiring an immigration lawyer can be a challenging process. Every case is unique, and what a friend or family member may have worked for may not be what is in your best interest. Immigration laws can be complex and hard to understand – and the consequences of mistakes can be life-changing. Well, Abogado Extranjeria Santander knows the difficulties you face and will work hard to find a solution that fits your needs. They focus on excellent service and the demonstrable results.

Here are the main reasons when you need an immigration lawyer:-

1) If You’re Not Able To Figure Out Your Options

Let's assume you’re an employer and hoping to hire one. A worker may qualify for multiple visas or green card types, but it's hard to know which is best, or quickest. An immigration attorney can assist the employer and worker in determining which visa best fits the employer's needs and the qualifications of the worker.

2) If You’re An Employer Seeking Hiring Foreign-Born Employees Workers

Your time probably isn't well spent puzzling out the immigration law details as a busy business owner. For example, let's say you’re hoping to sponsor a worker for a green card, requiring completing the labor certification. The advertising method is complex because only certain types of advertisements are appropriate. The ads must use a particular language, and several timeframes and deadlines are involved. Working with an immigration lawyer can make things easy and right.

Abogado Extranjeria Santander

3) If You’re In Immigration Court Proceedings

If you have ever been in deportation proceedings at immigration court, immediately go to a lawyer. Suppose the hearings are not yet over or are on appeal. In that case, your entire immigration situation is within the jurisdiction of the courts. And if the hearings are over, you can ask an attorney whether the result will affect your claim.

4) If there’s Paperwork You Can’t Handle

Even the most straightforward visa applications include filling out paperwork and gathering documentation to confirm your qualifications. Most likely, you will be asked to follow specific directions to do so. Immigration lawyers have dealt with this paperwork numerous times before. They have both the expertise and the structured processes to process the applications easily.

5) If You’re Facing Delays

Another situation that often pushes people to lawyers is the consulate's failure to act on or approve the application, for reasons that have more to do with bureaucracy than law. For example, an applicant who moves from one place to another after filing the green card application may find that the application should be transferred to the office instead and disappeared into a bureaucratic black hole.

The final verdict: 

No immigration process is simple; many steps need to be taken with that paperwork must be filed most of the time. And you can feel it over your head. An experienced Abogado Extranjeria Santander will help you through this difficult process, one step at a time, no matter what you're trying to accomplish.