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Burns: Knowing the Degrees and What to Do in Case of a Burn Injury

Being involved in an accident where a fire is involved is one of the universally shared fears. The lengthy journey to recovery, the pain, the hospital bills and wages lost are all reasons why these accidents are so scary.

Depending on the degree of the burn, the losses and distress vary. The worse the burn, the deeper the physical and psychological scars that the victim will suffer. This is why, in this article, we will focus on the different burn degrees and later explain why it is important to seek the counsel of a burn accident injury lawyer.

Burns are categorized in three degrees, all describing severity from least to most damage. To start off we have first degree burns. These are the most superficial, meaning that only the outermost layer of skin may be affected. You will feel pain and your skin will turn red. Ultimately, you will experience minimal peeling. Unless the burned area is large, you may not have to visit the doctor. You may experience first degree burns as a result of sunburn, electricity or wet heat (hot liquids).

Next are second degree burns. In contrast to the first degree, these affect more layers of skin, resulting in blisters and partial thickening of the skin. The swelling and pain are worse and it is recommended that you see a doctor. Because the skin will be rawer, these burns require better care to prevent infections. This includes cleaning, bandaging and applying topic antibiotics.

Third degree burns are the second most severe. You should call 911 right away to get medical attention. These burns may even require surgery. These present the most complications, hence, you may need to have a long stay at the hospital. These should always be treated with urgency by a medical professional.

Fourth degree burns damage more than just the skin and usually reach the muscle and bones. Surprisingly, you will probably not feel any pain. This is because your nerves will be damaged, which means that no pain signals will be sent to your brain. Nonetheless, going to the hospital is a must! Do not try to treat it at home.

In this moment of distress, what you need to do is focus on your journey to recovery. Therefore, you won’t want to worry about the legalities that follow this kind of accident. However, you do want to be compensated.

The way that the case progresses will depend on the specifics about the accident; where and how it happened. So did it happen at work, due to a car accident, or a defective product? These are all treated differently. That’s why we recommend that you get in contact with a burn accident injury lawyer, to put rest to your worries and doubts. They know best how to go about your case and what steps to take to maximize your compensation.