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How Isaac Wright, Jr. Made It Through

Thinking of law, the first thing coming into our minds is justice. We are all aware of the fact that justice is not served easily and when it is served it is not in its complete form. People have been involved in all sorts of wrongful acts without realizing if it’s all legal or not and what can they be charged of. Most of the time, uselessly and senselessly a simple and non-guilty person is charged guilty even if he is not and held accountable for the crime he has not committed.  The Justice system is unfortunately manmade. You cannot expect any good unless and until it is 100% proved legit. This is an issue of many of the people and many people still sitting in prison for days which turn into weeks, weeks which turn into months, months which turn into years and years which can cost the life of a person.

Isaac Wright, Jr., is one of those people who was charged and found guilty for a crime he never committed. This is because of a combination of police and prosecutorial misconduct as well as the wrong decision by the court. Isaac Wright, Jr. was a successful entrepreneur, his wife a platinum selling artist with the trio girls group, the Covergirlswhen it all turned upside down in only some hours. In the 1990s, Isaac was charged with one of the largest drug distribution networks in New York, New Jersey metropolitan areas. Wright was convicted under New Jersey’s drug kingpin law and was sentenced to life in prison.

During his time in prison, he started studying law.  He tried his own case and overlooked his own appeal. As nature had something else planned for him, things turned into a different direction giving him a favor during the cross-examination of the veteran police, James Dugan. Wright convinced Dugan to confess the misconduct taken place in his case. However, with a lot of struggle, Wright was proved not guilty.

Today, Isaac is a counsel with the firm Hunt, Hamlin, and Ridley which is located in Newark, New Jersey.  He was always a capable and bright student during his time in school and the duration he spent in prison was the duration he truly showed his abilities off for his own goodness.

Isaac is an American criminal and civil attorney, consultant, entrepreneur and a philanthropist as well. He has been more famous for being wrongfully charged and convicted.

Apart from law, Isaac has a work history of energy project in Spain, modular refinery project in Nigeria, agricultural trade in Thailand, solar farm in Mexico and international trade in the USA.

The attorneys should keep a greater sense of work and fondness towards every case they take siding the truth so that no nonguilty person should ever spend his life in prison for a crime he or she has never attempted.